Delivering excellent legal outcomes for more than 20 years.

We are dedicated to providing excellent legal services and outcomes in an empathetic and professional manner. We will ask the right questions and really listen so we can understand you and your unique legal matters.

The founder’s story

Gnech and Associates’ founder and Legal Practice Director, Calvin Gnech, brings decades of experience in the Queensland legal system to his leadership of the firm. Calvin commenced his legal career as a sworn Queensland police officer preparing briefs of evidence to obtain convictions for many serious offences. Calvin became a successful prosecutor before moving to criminal defence. It is this diverse experience that sets Calvin and his team apart whereby we understand a case from all angles, which ultimately enables us to think outside the box.

In 2019, Calvin founded Gnech and Associates, a boutique private law firm in Brisbane, to continue assisting everyday good people who find themselves in unprecedented circumstances. Soon Elisabeth Baulch and Anna Waite joined as Calvin’s first two employees. Originally joining as part of the legal team, they now hold additional responsibilities as the firm’s legal practice managers. From there the firm quickly grew and Gnech and Associates are now located in new premises in North Quay, Brisbane City.

Calvin’s unwavering dedication and extensive expertise have contributed to the growth and success of the firm. His passion for upholding traditional legal rights is matched by his commitment to promoting mental health awareness and combating bullying in the legal industry.

Decades of experience and a proven track record of success.

Our values

We work hard to uphold your rights and take a proactive approach to your legal defence strategy.

With years of experience in both defence and prosecution, we are armed with a unique understanding of criminal law and professional misconduct law, allowing us to strategically navigate complex legal matters and achieve exceptional outcomes for you.


We provide excellent legal advice to achieve the best outcome for you.

Genuine and honest

We are transparent and honest about costs, timeframes and outcomes.

Empathy and understanding

We approach all matters with empathy and take time to really listen.

Our approach

A tailored holistic approach to resolving your legal matters.

We understand that navigating the legal process can be challenging, especially when dealing with unique and personal matters. That is why we are dedicated to guiding you through every step of the process, advocating for your rights and providing the legal advice you need to resolve your case.

Our holistic approach delivers a comprehensive package of legal services, tailored to your specific needs and terms. Our goal is to understand what results you seek while being transparent and honest in advising you on the realistic possibilities.

We know that this can be a difficult time for you, but we are here to help you navigate the process with ease, ensuring that you understand the choices you are making and feel empowered to make them. We are with you every step of the way, working towards the best possible outcome.

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We will advocate for your rights and provide the legal advice you need to expertly resolve your case.