Afternoons on 4BC – Juveniles in watchhouses, criminal records and consuming alcohol as a car passenger


30 August 2023

Youth crime in Queensland is a multi-faceted and complex issue and something that is still a topic of immense interest for many.
In what may be seen as an effort to crack down in this space, the Queensland Government recently enacted laws that will allow juveniles to be kept in watchhouses. Is this a practical necessity or an improper use of legislative powers? Principal Solicitor and Managing Director of Gnech and Associates, Calvin Gnech, joined Sofie Formica on 4BC afternoons today to discuss these recent developments.
Sofie and Calvin also canvassed some more niche areas of criminal law, including whether your criminal history is erased after a certain amount of time and what the rules say regarding consuming alcohol while a passenger in a car.
Hit play below to listen to the full segment, or join Calvin on 4BC next time for another interesting discussion.


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