Queensland Unsolved Crimes – The Murder of Richard August Dobrowolski

Queensland Unsolved Crimes

By Calvin Gnech, Criminal Lawyer and Legal Practice Director at Gnech and Associates

31 March 2023

On this day the 31st of March in 1997, at about 8:15pm, 46 year old Richard August Dobrowolski went to investigate an intruder at his home in North Mackay. After hearing noises, his companion had observed this person earlier in the night hiding behind a large fishing boat stored in the backyard.

As they went behind the boat, the intruder emerged and pursued the pair to the rear stairs of the residence. As they retreated up the stairs Dobrowolski received a shotgun wound to the back. He died shortly after.

Investigations have failed to establish any motive for this brutal and senseless act. The Minister for Police and Corrective Services has approved a reward of $250,000 be offered for information which leads to the apprehension and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the murder of Richard August Dobrowolski





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